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Rebecca Raggs Clothes
Rebecca Raggs Delights in the Joy of Childhood

Rebecca Raggs began in the fall of 1981 when Glenda Wood and her two daughters, Rebecca and Nancy, both young mothers, got together to make some appliqued tee shirts for a local Holiday craft fair. Encouraged by the overwhelming response to their unique designs, the three women decided to show them to the owner of a local children's store, an industry veteran, who immediately fell in love with the classic and whimsical designs that have come to define the Rebecca Raggs look.

When Glenda's husband, Jay, a Silicon Valley electrical engineer, invented a way of simplifying the tedious process of making three-dimensional appliques, the fledgling designers moved their sewing machines out of the Wood's back bedroom and into their present facility. There, Nancy trained several local seamstresses in the delicate art of free-hand machine embroidery.

For the nearly 30 years that Glenda has served as company president, she and Nancy have used their talents to design clothing that is consistently fun to wear and easy to care for. Rebecca serves as the company's graphic designer.

Over the years, Glenda has watched her grandchildren and, more recently, her great-grandchildren enjoy the fruits of her remarkable creativity. She and her daughters have also witnessed many changes in the local garment industry as companies moved their production offshore. Unwilling to follow this trend, Rebecca Raggs held firm in its commitment to its employees and remains one of the few locally produced garment manufacturers in the San Francisco Bay Area.